Solve smelly drains with a "Draingard" from DIYSAN

Smelly drains in homes and commercial premises are caused by a number of factors.

  • Underfloor pipes often crack due to land subsidence, causing water to seep out of the S bend and allowing sewer smells to rise up through the floor grate. Traditionally, this has been one of the most difficult and expensive problems to fix, as plumbers must resort to jackhammering through concrete slabs to repair the pipes. 

  • Bacteria may build up in drainage pipes, causing bad smells. 

  • Poor design of drainage systems, particularly in bathroom ensuites, prevents complete drainage of waste water and bad smells often develop from stagnant water remaining in pipes. 

Whatever the cause, smelly drains can be devastating. Bad odours in the bathroom and laundry can discourage a homeowner from inviting friends or hosting parties. Even for the home occupiers themselves, bad drain smells can be very unpleasant to live with. 

The health problems associated with bacteria and mould build-up in smelly drains are also a problem 

DIYSAN has a solution to all these problems. It’s Australian made, with no moving parts or chemicals and is eco friendly, as the product is made from recycled plastic car bumpers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Best of all, you can install it yourself in 5 seconds. 

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Other benefits of installing DIYSAN include:

  • Stops suds rising up through the floor grate

  • Stops cockroaches and mozzies coming up through the floor grate.

  • Lost jewellery can be retrieved, as it will be caught in the unit. Simply remove the DIYSAN unit and retrieve the lost items. 

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